Honor and Conscience

We all recognize that voice inside our being

Most of the time it’s beneath the surface

Trying to whisper, trying to get your attention

Sometimes it gets louder but you still can’t hear it

Cause of all the loudness of your mind and thoughts in your innerworld 

And also the influence and madness in the outerworld

When you’re unaware of this phenomenon taking place 

You will be drawn into a lap of discomfort and think this is your only reality

When you become aware and you get silent and just listen

You will hear that pretty little voice inside you 

And when you dare to listen and react to that 

The world becomes an endless space of possibilities 

And everything will work for you instead of against you

Every day.. you can decide to tune in 

You will discover how powerful you are 

And you will find out that you’re the creator of your own life

Not anyone else 

Honor your soul and honor your conscience

Dear to listen, feel en respond to that

Even when it sets your whole world upside down

Even when people don’t understand you

You will understand yourself and that’s your greatest power

It will set you Free

And when you allow yourself to stay present 

In that precious void inside you

You will attract magic

Be brave